5 Simple Ways to WOW

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There are five simple ways to enhance any outfit. These small touches can turn a plain outfit into a WOW outfit! Here are some fun ways you can add a touch style, sparkle and pizzazz to your look.

imagesCA1Q5C0R1) Hair Accessories 
Add a touch of elegance to your look by accentuating your hairstyle with a barrette, comb or hair band that is embellished with flowers or rhinestones. An up swept hairstyle secured with rhinestone combs is a charming way to add a little sparkle to your look.

 2) Statement Jewelry 527387_355652911183550_1246669003_n Changing your jewelry pieces will turn any understated style into a glamorous look that will get you noticed. A lot of women wear simple stud earrings and an understated necklace for their day look. Take a walk on the wild side by replacing your stud earrings with rhinestone hoops. Add a chunky necklace with rhinestone embellishments for added pizzazz.

 3) Bold Makeup bold-lips1 Step outside of your comfort zone and get ready to turn heads. Wear a bold red lipstick and all eyes will be on you. Make your pout even sassier by adding a clear gloss over your red lipstick. To further glamorize your look, paint your nails red. Go one step further, and choose a red glitter nail polish or another bold nail polish color to add extra pizzazz to your look. The focus of your face should either be a bold eye or a bold lip, never both at one time.

 4) Rhinestone/metallic Scarf 


If want to take your outfit from day to night, add a silk rhinestone scarf in a vibrant color and you’re ready for a night on the town. Wrap the rhinestone scarf around your neck to add warmth to your face and elegance to your outfit. Use your rhinestone scarf as a belt to give any outfit an upscale look.

 5) Handbag or clutch


Switching your understated handbag for a clutch with one that is adorned with sequins, bold hardware, bright color  or animal print to add a touch of pizzazz. If you want to add a touch of glamour to a purse you already own, attach a rhinestone brooch to the front for a classic look that will always be in style.



Whether you want to enhance your looks for a special occasion or holiday party, these subtle changes will surely get you noticed and take your looks to the next level.

By incorporating one or two of these ideas will add a touch of glamour to your look. Please be cautious not to add too much, know when to say when. Adding of all these ideas to one outfit might be a lil much.

Go ahead take your style to the next level.