Will Spicy Food Burn Fat Calories?

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Losing weight and staying sexy are two things that always seem to cross our minds. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Black women and their weight. With so much talk about weight and Black women, one wonders if there aren’t more creative ways to get the weight off than jut exercise and eating less.

Dieting and exercise are clearly the best ways to trim the fat but we are always looking for little short cuts along the way. Rumor has it that eating spicy foods can help you burn the fat and keep you slim. So is there any truth to this rumor or is it all a big hoax?

If you’re expecting hot peppers to keep you thin then you’ll be sad to hear that this rumor is false. Eating spicy foods does not help you lose weight. Your metabolism is hardly affected by the spicy contents that you are ingesting and hot wings will not be able to trick it into increasing. Your metabolism is determined by your age, weight, gender and the unique ways that your body functions, not by what you consume.

People believe that they are burning calories when they are eating spicy food because of the sweat and heat that their bodies generate while they are eating. These effects are caused by capsaicin. Capsaicin is a part of a process called thermogenesis, which does in fact burn calories. But don’t get too excited. The effects of thermogenesis are short-lived and won’t help  you drop a dress size. Once your body returns to a normal temperature (which will happen in a few hours) your metabolism will start functioning normally again.

There are some other health benefits to eating spicy food. For starters eating spicy food will help to suppress your appetite. You will also enjoy the flavor of your food better, regardless of your portion size, making dieting more enjoyable.