Serena Vows To Be World No. 1 Again

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The Williams sisters made their fist trip to the continent of Africa where they visited two countries, Nigeria and South Africa. Coming off the long flight on Saturday, Serena briefly mistook South Africa for Australia and explained,

“I’m already thinking of the Australian Open. I’m constantly thinking of Grand Slams.”

The two tennis pro sisters were adored by the South African media. The journalists even cheered while the two sisters were having their press conference.

Venus said,

“It’s so great to be in South Africa. It’s an honor to be here.”

It’s not hard to understand why Serena is so eager to return to Australia and compete in a Grand Slam after she performed so well in the second half of 2012. Serena won  Wimbledon, Olympic gold, the U.S. Open and last weekend’s season-ending WTA Tour Championships.

Even though Serena did so well in the latter half of 2012, she still ranked at No. 3 at the end of the season.

Not too concerned about her current rank, Serana said,

“I’m not thinking about that (not being No. 1) so much. For me, I’d rather have Grand Slams and victories. I’ve been No. 1 before and believe me I’ll be No. 1 again. It’s just a matter of time.”

Serena made history when she won her fifth  Wimbledon title this past summer and when asked what the highlight of her year was she said,

“Winning Wimbledon was really great. I’d probably have to lean towards that [being the highlight].”

The sisters were in Nigeria and South Africa to support a women’s charity and while they were there, they had fun coaching young children in both countries.