R&B Singer Keri Hilson Vomits, Faints Onboard Flight

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Keri Hilson vomits and faints on a plane, tweets about it.


R&B singer didn’t wait for major media outlets to report her illness… She took her publicity into her own hands and tweeted it. The singer was in China last week and was onboard a flight to the USA when she became ill.

She took to her Twitter page to reveal that her lack of sleep caused her to become very sick: “Sure hope my day gets better cuz this morning I’m having so far… I fainted on my flight. then I threw up. I’m fine now, I just need real rest… haven’t had more than 3.5hrs of sleep in 48hrs,” she tweeted.

Illness certainly got the best of the 29-year-old singer, she later tweeted that she’d left her personal belongings on the plane: “I left my purse & gifts from China on the plane, discombobulated. *sigh* drinking gatorade & HOME-bound. I’m good now…

Two things that are interesting about this revelation: 1) She deliberately attributed her fatigue to being ill — perhaps she was fearful that the media would suspect that she was on drugs, as the assumption was made with rappers Rick Ross and Lil Wayne became ill during a flight. 2) Many suspect the singer is crying for attention because she hasn’t made a hit album since her first one titled In A Perfect World (2009).

Do you believe Hilson tweeted about her illness to get attention?