Pimp Branded His Women with Long Tributes to their “Master”

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It is sometimes difficult to know how pimps work their “sick magic” on the minds of women with low self-esteem.  Some of the stories are astonishing and sad.  The case of Alex “Cowboy” Campbell is one of them.  Campbell, who lived in Chicago, was just given life in prison after it was proven that he raped, beat and threatened women under his command.  Not only did Campbell force women into prostitution, he also told them to brand biblical-style tributes to him on their backs in order to prove their loyalty.

U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman noted the branding as one of the things about this case that disturbed him the most.

“I think the worst thing you did to these girls, frankly, is branding them the way you did,” Gettleman said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “They can’t get rid of those tattoos. … They have a life sentence, all of them. Every time they look in the mirror. … And it’s gonna hurt. Their life sentences compel a life sentence for you.”

Campbell’s argument was that he was being targeted for being a black man.  He also referenced one of the women on the stand as “Trinity,” a name he gave her when she joined his “family.” A year ago, Campbell was convicted of forced labor, harboring illegal immigrants, sex trafficking by force and extortion.  Campbell forced three women from the Ukraine to work for almost nothing.

Campbell got the women to come to the US by promising them jobs in massage parlors and a place to live.  Once they arrived, he took their immigration papers and forced them to sleep with him.  During his trial, Campbell gave a two hour defense of his actions.  As part of his argument, he held up two books:  “The Pimp’s Bible,” and an autobiography of famed pimp Iceberg Slim.

“I knew nothing about the pimp game,” he said. “I’ve never even seen these books in my life.”

One woman mentioned that the way Campbell got her to turn to prostitution is by exploiting her when she was 18-years old with no options.  He bought her a meal and also offered her a job.   This eventually led to her being branded, beaten and raped.

“It’s really hard to describe what he did,” she said. “How you have to live with the shame. I really felt for a long time this was all my fault.”