Neighbors Refused to Help Black Mom As Sons Were Swept Away During the Storm

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Most of the country is now aware of the heart-breaking story of Glenda Moore, who is now going to bury her two young sons after Hurricane Sandy swept both of the boys out of her arms to their deaths.  The boys, 2 and 4 years old, were just a few yards apart when police found them, and both had died a horrible death from drowning.

New Yorkers are not known for their hospitality and kindness, but anyone who’s been to the city knows that there are quite a few residents of New York who support their fellow man.  But the city’s reputation took a hit, as it has been reported by Colorlines and other sources that no one helped the woman as she was trying to find her sons.  Instead of getting the help she needed, doors were slammed in her face.   Now, both of her sons are dead.

According to the New York Daily News: 

According to the sister, a dripping-wet Moore banged on doors looking for help in the middle of the hurricane, but couldn’t find anyone willing to help her.

“They answered the door and said, ‘I don’t know you. I’m not going to help you,’” said the sister. “My sister’s like 5-foot-3, 130 pounds. She looks like a little girl. She’s going to come to you and you’re going to slam the door in her face and say, ‘I don’t know you, I can’t help you’?’”

Moore spent the night huddled on a doorstep as the hurricane’s assault continued. At daybreak, her sister said, the desperate mother walked until she found a police car and related her heart-breaking story.

The UK’s Daily Mail also had something to say about the incident:

Her cousin Nancy Jean, 41, fought back tears as she described the ordeal.

‘I can’t believe the way she was treated by the people she went to for help,’ she said.

‘The first person she knocked on, she begged them and said: “Please call 911”.

‘They told her: “I don’t know you” and closed the door. She tried another door but they turned the lights off.