Mrs. Obama Says to Voters in FL: “Don’t let any delays deter you”

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On Monday night, Michelle Obama was out doing what she does best, campaigning for her Husband, President Obama. In a passionate speech at a rally in Orlando, Florida, Mrs Obama assured the crowd, “we are going to get this done!”

Mrs. Obama told the crowd that it is “all on the line” on Tuesday and “your president is nowhere near satisfied,” meaning that her husband, President Barack Obama, has more to accomplish and he needs a second term to do it.

The First Lady has been very busy making campaign stops at key swing states since the Democrats’ national convention that was held in  Charlotte, North Carolina, two months ago.

At the rally in Orland, Mrs. Obama spoke encouraging words to the crowd, saying,

“Together, slowly but surely, we have been pulling ourselves out of that hole that we started in.”

Obama spoke about how difficult her husband’s first term in office was but pointed out how productive it was on getting on the road to economic recovery.

The attendance at the Orlando campaign rally was estimated  at 2,600 people. Florida is a key state that could help the Obama campaign win the election with its 29 electoral votes.

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have spent tens of millions in advertising in the state of Florida, hoping to ensure a win.

Mrs. Obama told those who hadn’t voted to get to the polls early and made sure that she emphasized that the president needs every vote he can get, saying,

“Don’t let anybody push you out of line…Don’t let any delays deter you.”