Ladies: 7 Ways To Get Your Sleep On

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Although women are busy wearing multiple hats per day (e.g. wife, mother, co-worker, maid, chef, etc.), you may still find it difficult to decompress and get the sleep that you need at night.

Sleep is critically important. The lack of sleep can cause serious damage to your health. According to, lack of sleep can decrease s*x drive, impair attention and critical thinking, bring forth depression, age your skin rapidly, and shorten your life span. In other words, you need your sleep and without it you will suffer severe consequences!

Below are seven ways for you to get your sleep on and stay the beautiful woman that you are.

1. Create a sleep schedule

Your body responds to routine. Set yourself a bedtime and make sure that you adhere to it no matter what.

2. Leave work at work

Your body should recognize your bed as a time to sleep and/or have s*x — that’s it. Do not bring books to bed. Do not watch TV in bed. Do not use your bed as an extension to your office.

3. Stop engaging in social media late at night

The same way you can pull yourself away from the television when your favorite show goes off, you need to set a time to pull yourself away from your social media accounts. Wish your virtual friends good night and get some shut eye!

4. Get a bed that suits you

Don’t spend your life sleeping on a futon. Get a bed that is comfortable and suits you. It can be an expensive investment, but the money is a long-term investment in your peace of mind. It’s worth every penny.

5. Rid your room of bright lights

If you have a bright alarm clock that beams through your eye lids at night, get rid of it. Make sure your bedroom is as dark as you need it to be so that you can get as much rest as possible.

6. Turn off your brain

You have a lot to do tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that. Do you get it? Every day is chaotic. You’re not alone. Staying up all night is not going to help you get through your chaotic days any better. Write down your plans for the days to come and shut your brain off and get some sleep.

7. Don’t exercise late in the evening

If you aren’t able to exercise early in the morning before work, try to exercise at least three hours before your scheduled bedtime. Exercising boosts your energy and you don’t want to be energized while you’re trying to sleep.