Halle Berry Seeks a Restraining Order Against Her Ex

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Another day, another Halle Berry drama.  The actress who always seems to be having some kind of relationship problem has jumped back into the headlines after seeking a restraining order against her ex-fiance, Gabriel Aubry.  Aubry got into a fight with Berry’s latest man, Olivier Martinez, leading Berry to carry a gun and try to seek out Aubry’s arrest.

The 46-year old actress is either adding attention to her recent film, “Cloud Atlas” or taking attention away, depending on how you look at it.  She has now filed an order for emergency protection against Aubry, with the order requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and their four-year old daughter, Nahla.

The order expires on Tuesday, and if Berry gets her wish, her daughter will be without her dad for an indefinite period of time.  Berry is claiming that the man’s decision to become violent in front of his daughter makes him a bad father and role model.  The whole brawl in question took place when Aubry dropped Nahla off at Berry’s home over Thanksgiving.

The altercation allegedly occurred when Martinez came into the driveway and told Aubry that “We need to move on.”  This led to Aubry punching Martinez in the shoulder.  Martinez then hit Aubry back, making this a really embarrassing Thanksgiving for everyone involved.

Aubry has consistently accused Berry of seeking to alienate him from his daughter.  It seems that the only person who loses from all of this fighting is the daughter and that’s what makes it so sad.