Gabrielle Union On Marriage: “I Just Like Saying ‘My Boyfriend'”

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Gabrielle Union Is In No Rush To Marry Boyfriend Dwyane Wade


It’s refreshing to know some women in the limelight aren’t being influenced by societal pressures of marriage.

Gabrielle Union, 40, revealed that she’s ok with having NBA champion Dwyane Wade as her boyfriend right now. The two have experienced some turbulent times together during the course of their now-three-year relationship, as Wade was constantly slammed by his deranged ex-wife during their divorce and custody battle for their two sons.

Many people aren’t aware that Union was married to former NFL player Chris Howard for years until the couple divorced in 2006. In a recent interview, Union revealed her comfort in being Wade’s girlfriend. “…we like each other a lot and we both failed miserably the last time either one of us got married. So, I think we’re doing it slow, you know what I mean? I think when you rush in, then people have crap to say. If you go too slow, people still have stuff to say, so, I think we have to just take it at the pace that’s great for us. But, who knows? I’m open to everything, but right now I just like saying “my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend D Wade’. And then maybe later, provided my eggs aren’t dust, we’ll see what I can (coughs) cough out.

Do you believe it’s ok to be boyfriend and girlfriend infinitely?