Deadbeat Dad with 25 Kids with 18 Women Poses on Facebook with Stack of $100 Bills

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Here’s a question to ponder:  If a man has 25 kids with 18 different women and isn’t paying child support on hardly any of them, should that man be allowed to keep having kids?  A conservative might say “no way,” and be accused of racist oppression.  A liberal might say “absolutely not” and be accused of letting a dead beat off the hook.

Terry Turnage, a man with more kids than he could afford in a million lifetimes, was back in court to be scolded by a judge who should probably be getting him tested for STDs and s*x addiction.  Turnage was asked about his 25 bundles of joy by a reporter, who couldn’t understand why he wasn’t paying for hardly any of them.

“How come you are not paying your child support? Can you answer that? “ asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

The man had no answer to the question.

“Last time I went to juvenile court trying to see how come the payments are so low, the number was at twenty five,” said one of the man’s many former love interests.   The man hasn’t been paying hardly anything to the women he’s slept with, and it’s hard to figure out who the bigger fool was in these little interludes:  The man who made the babies or the women who chose to lie down with him.

“What were you getting?“ asked Hall.

“Five dollars ,” said Tara Smith.

“I only got six dollars, nine dollars,” said LaToya Shieds.

“A dollar and 26 cents,” said Carrie.

The women said that as their child support payments shut down, they all saw a picture of their lovely baby daddy posing on Facebook with a stack of 0 bills.
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“The last time I saw him he was in a BMW,” said Smith.

“Yes, a lot of nice cars, different properties,” said Carrie.

When Turnage came to court, he pretended not to have any money at all.   He was in court for a suspended drivers license.

“You’ve got no income,” said the judge.

“No sir,” said Turnage.

The courts say that the man owes $27,000 to one woman and another $36,000 to another.   His 15-year old son says that the only thing he remembers about his father was that he drove by.

“What do you remember?” asked Hall.

“That he drove by,” said Deandre.

“He just drove by? And said hello?”

“He just blew the horn, I guess ,” said Deandre.

“And you still remember that all these years later?” asked Hall.

Let’s be glad that all black fathers don’t follow this model.  This is just trifling.