Chris Brown, Rihanna Perform Together, Say Their Relationship is “Nobody’s Business”

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Chris Brown and Rihanna have not admitted to whether or not their are in a relationship again but no one can deny that they are spending a lot more time together. The two performed another duet together entitled “Nobodies Business”, on which information was released on Tuesday. It’s known to fans that the duo have been working together since their release of “Birthday Cake”. The song will be released on the Barbadian diva’s new album “Unapologetic”.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are the new Bobby and Whitney.  Like Brown and Rihanna, Bobby and Whitney once performed together in the 1990s, claiming that their love was forever more and that the world needed to butt out.  Years down the line, Whitney Houston is dead and Bobby Brown is headed back to rehab.  We hope that Chris and Rihanna don’t have the same fate, but they seem determined to walk down that path.

“While Rihanna, 24, has stayed mum on her relationship status with Brown, the “Turn Up The Music” singer attended Rihanna’s Halloween party last week and tweeted a photograph of himself dressed in Arab robes and a rifle.

Brown, 23, is currently halfway through his five-year probation after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy awards in 2009. He was ordered to complete community service and a domestic violence program.

Brown was given permission by a Los Angeles judge to embark on his European tour at a recent hearing overseeing his progress on his probation.”


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