BET’s “CoCo Brother” Interviews First Lady Michelle Obama

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Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey who hosts BET’s Lift Every Voice had the opportunity to interview First Lady Michelle Obama earlier this year when she celebrated her Let’s Move! campaign’s second anniversary. On Thursday night, a second interview with the First Lady aired on BET as she uses the last few days leading up to the election to make some last appearances.

In her previous interview, Mrs. Obama spoke about her Let’s Move! campaign and physical health as well as being a mother and her spiritual life.

The First Lady shared that prayer is very much a part of her family’s life, saying,

 “It is the thing that sustains us. I’m always blessed that when we go places, there are people who come up and they just give you hug and a squeeze, and they say they’re praying for us. And I tell ’em keep it going, don’t stop, because we feel that. There is an unspoken energy that comes from the millions of people who are lifting us up in prayer.
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As the nation deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one would agree that it is not just the President and First Lady who need prayer as the poll numbers remain very close, but they certainly do need prayer.

According to the Huffington Post, the latest polls show President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney in a very close race nationwide. The good news for the Obamas is that President Obama has a slight lead and more importantly, he has a small lead in the key battleground states.