Asa Lovechild: Black Women, Let’s Start Talking about Physical Fitness, Please!

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We all know how beautiful black women can be, no matter what shape or size.  But we also know the grim statistics about black female health problems that stem from being overweight, such as diabetes and heart disease.  Even other ailments, such as depression, can be linked to the lower likelihood of exercise among African American women.

A great deal of the problems stems from cultural traditions that encourage us to eat the fattiest, greasiest foods.  Grandma’s soul food might taste great, but it also leads to early death in a lot of families.  Secondly, there is the habit of simply not going to the gym, where looking good takes precedence over being healthy.  Finally, there is the black female hair care phenomenon, where protecting the new hairstyle becomes more important than protecting your health.

Asa Lovechild, a singer, actress and blogger for, speaks to some of this in a positive way with her “Live Life, LoveLife Challenge.”  Check out her video and see what she has to say.