You Ever Think About Homeschooling Your Kids? Hear it From a Mom Who Knows

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One of the reasons that jobs are being shipped overseas and our children are not reaching their potential is because of the terrible educational system here in the United States.  The US is falling behind and the black community is getting the worst end of the stick.  Some parents are just hoping for the best, while others are starting to do something about it.

Enter Dr. Deirdre Clark-Collett.

Dr. Clark-Collett of Great Black Speakers grew weary of seeing our schools failing and children struggling.  So, she took matters into her own hands and started home schooling her daughter herself.  She says that the experience has been wonderful thus far, and she appears to have a passion for it.  Hear her story below:


If anyone had suggested to me that I would be homeschooling my daughter as little as 3 months ago, I would have laughed hysterically.  I thought that homeschooling was strange and used as a last resort for parents who had no other options.

Homeschooling is in actuality the best educational choice for your child, especially African American Children.  Children learn best in small environments, even in isolation. The school systems are failing our children all over the United States.  The classrooms are overcrowded; teachers are underpaid, unengaged, unqualified or overwhelmed and maybe a combination of both an many other things.  As parents we feel as though there are are few options are to educate our children: public school; private school or charter school. We often to not consider the homeschool choice because we have to work.  I understand this very well.  I am the mother of a 7 year old.  She is bright, artistic, happy, loving and full of all of the wonderful talents God has given her.  I was appauled when I found out that my baby was being bullied at school by students but also by her teacher.  She was in a classroom of 24 children.  This is not an ideal setting for learning for any child.  I was a busy career mom travelling all over the country not realizing that she was being mistreated.