Why Do You Think The World Loves Michelle Obama?

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During the months leading up to the elections, many attempts were made at vilifying Michelle Obama. Some people even went as far as trying to paint her as someone who does not love her country. Through all the months of criticism and name calling, the First Lady still held her head up and continued to travel the country graciously meeting with voters and never once showing any sign of negativity.

Since President Obama took office, the First Lady has become more and more popular, not just in America, but all around the world. Some love her intelligence, charm and grace, others are impressed by what a wonderful mother she is and yet others obsess about her outfits every time she is seen in public.

We wondered what exactly it is that makes people love Michelle Obama so much so we asked our readers on our Facebook Page the following question: “The world Loves Michelle Obama but what exactly is it about her that makes her so popular and lovable? What specific traits do people see in her?”

The answers are below: (Please feel free to also add your thoughts and views.)

“Strength. Intelligence. Grace. Poise. Loyalty. Loves and protects her family. Realness. Beauty.”

“A lot of us don’t know her personally but she exudes a strong faith, loveable, warm, understanding, enduring, and compassionate. She seems highly intelligent, reputable and a role model [because] with all that she seems like she is us.”


“She keeps it Real, Honest, Intelligent, Comfortable in who she is and it shows, Supportive Wife, Well Spoken, Graceful.. I look forward to seeing her in the white house 4 more yrs.”


“I see in her myself and her love for her husband and family. She is bold, bright and loving.”


“She is a strong Black woman who stands by her man………….the President! She’s educated, classy,goodhearted and cares about others…….need I go on?”

The world loves Michell Obama. Enough Said.