Why Did Tracee Ellis Ross Leave “Reed Between the Lines?”

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Tracee Ellis Ross left the really compelling show “Reed Between the Lines,” one of the few high quality shows to ever grace the airwaves of BET.  Observers have wondered what happened, and weren’t sure why she was there one day and gone the next.   In an interview with Essence, Ross explained what happened and why she hit the road.   She claims that she was basically offered a really interesting deal with another network, which created a conflict with BET.

“It was that BET hadn’t decided if they were picking up the show yet or not,” says Ross. “During that time when they didn’t know, I was offered a really amazing pilot for NBC, and BET graciously allowed me to go and do it.”

Ross says that after doing the pilot, things got tough between she and BET.  Keeping all commitments wasn’t easy and everyone got a bit frustrated.

“Then the timing got complicated and there was a need to move forward. [BET] had to figure out how to deal without me because I wasn’t available. But it’s not because I wanted to leave.”

Tracee says that there are no hard feelings and that she loves the show.

“I love Reed Between the Lines, I believe in it. There is a chance I’ll go back, always. There’s nothing weird about it.”