Erika Morant: The Power of the Handwritten Thank You Note

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Whether you just had an interview or would like to express your gratitude for a really nice gesture, you should consider writing a thank you note as opposed to just sending a simple e-mail. Notice, I did say “write”. Writing a handwritten thank you note conveys a stronger sense of sincerity and effort. People tend to save notes, cards and letters for later reference. Yes, you could rebuttal by saying that people save e-mails too, but remember the latter are non-tangible.

Remember the feeling that you have when you look back at old hand- written sentiments (the positive ones) and the smile that each has brought or continues to bring to your face.  Finding the right words, the right card and better yet, the right value of postage takes time and effort, which may in turn be truly appreciated by the receiver.

Opting to send a thank you via postal mail versus e-mail, may convey the following to a prospective employer, “wow, (he/she) must really care about the impression (he/she) makes.” It may ultimately move you ahead of the individual(s) who simply pressed “send”.  Sending a thank you note to your significant other’s mother for hosting dinner, may just put her at ease when she welcomes you to the family (one day, down the road). Nevertheless, she will be reassured of one thing—that you were raised with manners.

A few extra moments and a trip to your local post office can make the true difference. How will you send your next “thank you”?

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