Erika Morant: Five Great Dating Ideas for the Winter

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by Erika Morant

As the weather begins to chill, and the days grow shorter, one may think that great date ideas would go dormant as the winter season grows near. On the contrary, the winter season brings many opportunities for you and that special someone to grow even closer with the interesting date ideas included below. Ditch the regular routine of dinner and a movie and allow yourself to explore something new.

  1. Ice Skating- Ice skating is a great way for even the shyest individual to let his or her guard down.  Falling down is great way to break the ice with a few laughs.  Helping one another up is a great way to strike up some great chemistry. Prepare some homemade hot chocolate and bring it along in a thermos to your local ice skating rink for you and your date to share.


  1. 2.       Wine Tasting- What’s better than wine? Wine and chocolate or wine and cheese? Check out your local wine cellars for scheduled wine tastings; this would serve as either a great prelude to dinner or a brief week-night date. Remember to ask your date if he or she is a wine drinker, it is never safe to assume he or she consumes alcohol.  Drink responsibly!


  1. Cooking Class- Impress them with those skills that your mom taught you. Or better yet, pick up some new cooking techniques together.  After the cooking class, share what will hopefully be one of many meals together.


  1. 4.       Visiting a Holiday/Farmer’s Market- The holidays are soon approaching, visit a local holiday farmer’s and or craft market.  While visiting the market you and your date can sample products from local vendors and pick up some great holiday gifts.


  1. Painting Class- Even if you are not the best artist or have no concept of chiaroscuro, show your artistic talents with a collaborative masterpiece. This is a great way to switch up the ordinary date night and to take home your creation.

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