Brandy On Fame: “…It’s Almost Like The Word ‘No’ Doesn’t Exist”

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Brandy reveals the struggles associated with fame


On Music Choice’s original show titled “The F Word,” R&B songstress Brandy shares her experience with fame. In the promotional video for the show, the singer says “With fame, it’s almost like the word ‘no’ doesn’t really exist. You’re just basically getting everything you want.” She goes on to say she wanted to be a star so bad that she didn’t care what came with it. “No one told me how it all worked. It doesn’t really come with a book,” she said. “Sometimes you do have moments where you get a little full of yourself… The bigger you get, the harder it gets.”

The multiplatinum songstress has had a successful career in the entertainment industry for over two decades. With longevity in the industry, she explained that one of the most challenging things in the world is being misunderstood. “There is a such thing as bad publicity. Especially publicity that doesn’t represent who you really are. And for me, I think one of the worst feelings in the world is to be misunderstood. And for other people to tell a story that they have no clue about, and not really consider that there’s a person behind the story. I think that’s what the media forgets.”

The singer has faced some dark moments in her life. In December 2006, she was involved in a fatal car crash that left a 38-year-old woman dead on an LA freeway. Although the singer was not arrested nor ticketed for the crime due to “insufficient evidence,” she was still hit with multi-million dollar lawsuits by the family members of the victim. The victim’s parents and husband received an undisclosed amount of financial relief. The victim’s two children received $300,000 each, and two drivers who were also injured during the crash received undisclosed amounts. In May 2009, the singer was quoted about her reaction to the tragedy saying: “The whole experience did completely change my life, and I can say that I think I’m a better person from it. You know, I still don’t understand all of it and why all of it happened, but I definitely have a heart, and my heart goes out to everyone involved. I pray about it every single day, and that’s all I can really say on the subject.”

The singer just released a new album titled “Two Eleven.”


  1. Butch

    October 21, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    This CD has grown on me, its most definitely for the grown & sexy! I was pleasantly surprised.

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