Ask Black America: Should Black Women Date Outside Their Race More?

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It’s no secret; for many many years, there has been a moaning of discontent among Black women who say they find it hard to find a suitable mate among Black men.There used to be a lot of speculation that maybe if so many men were not incarcerated, maybe, more women would be able to find a husband or life partner.

Now, in the last decade, there has been a new obstacle; it was revealed that a lot of black men were living “on the down low” , which meant that now women had to compete with other men for the attention of the few men that were available.

Lately, the topic of exploring interracial partnerships is being discussed more and more. Black women are still the least likely to date outside of their race, but maybe they are missing out on something. We asked our readers on our Facebook Page the following Question: “Considering that so many Black women are single and say they can’t find good Black men, should dating other races and nationalities be more of a consideration for Black women?

The answers are below: (Please feel free to also add your thoughts and views.)

“I think so and have seriously considered it. We,as black women,need to be more open minded to the possibilities. Besides our black brothers have been doing it for years, so why should we be so loyal and miss out on possibly finding our soulmate, even if he is of another race or nationality?”


“I’m Not A Blk Women , But I Love & Don’t Mind Dating Out Of My Race ..”


“why not. i live in NY. that’s not am issue. have at it guys.”


“Firstly, there ARE good Black men. We just have to change our approach. Secondly, why NOT explore other options? The “one” might be right in your face and you miss the blessing because you are hardset on the packaging.”


“absolutely, today is the youngest we will ever be, so why waste time waiting for someone that don’t want you. we have to compete with women of all races, men,and incarceration… if you find love in another race and treats you right and respects you go for it….”


“My son is black, I asked him why he only dated white girls, and would he date a black girl. He told me sure, if’s she’s nice, honest, etc. This is 2012, not 1900.”


“With all the handsome educated white men, WHY WOMEN DONT WANT DATE THEM?”


“Can’t find a GOOD BLACK MAN??? hmmm…Most wouldn’t know a GOOD MAN if he were standing in front of them…MEN & WOMEN ALIKE no matter the skin color need to STOP with all the BULL CRAP…GAMES…DRAMA & unnecessary STRESS…Be Real about your intentions and have REAL EXPECTATIONS…Come down off that HIGH HORSE…Stop FRONTING…acting as if you are living THE LIFESTYLES of THE RICH & FAMOUS..while you’re barely making it from check to check and can only afford PET MILK & CEREAL…There are PLENTY of US GOOD BLACK MEN…”


“While you’re waiting for “Mr. Right”…try locating a prison Pen-Pal…who may have been given an unrealistly long sentence for substance possession. I consider these ‘crimes’ of survival, or ‘revenue-building.’ Plenty of “brothers” in lock-up…”







Well, if the answers from our Facebook Page are anything to go by, sisters are stepping into new territory to look for love. Maybe the next time a study is released it will have different results as to who won’t tip toe over the color lines in search of love.