Another Man Opens Fire In Hair Salon, Killing Three

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Bradford Baumet Walked Into A Hair Salon In Florida and Opened Fire Killing Three Women and Injuring Another. He Fled To A Friend's Home Where He Took His Own Life.

Bradford Baumet

Ladies, please be very critical of the type of men you choose to date. Not only could you be placing your own life in danger, you can also be placing other lives in danger — including strangers. Thirty-six-year-old Bradford Baumet (pictured left) walked into a Cassleberry, Florida hair salon at 11 AM on Thursday and opened fire, killing three women and critically injuring another. The three women he killed were the hair salon’s co-owner, a customer, and a salon employee who was five months pregnant.

Fortunately, two other salon patrons managed to escape the shooting: one ran out the salon’s back door and the other hid in the restroom. The fourth victim was the salon’s manager and Baumet’s ex-girlfriend. He shot her five times. According to the victim’s husband, she has a daughter by Baumet who lived with him. The victim’s husband added that Baumet was “violent and had a criminal history.” Baumet’s record of arrests involved domestic violence, felony assault, stalking, trespassing, burglary, and drug possession. Baumet’s ex-girlfriend filed an injunction against him on Oct. 9 because he had come to the salon two weeks prior to the shooting, threatening her and punching the front door.

Baumet reportedly fled to a friend’s house, suddenly shot himself, and died from self-inflicted gun shot wounds. Police investigators are labeling the shooting a “domestic dispute.” The case is still being investigated by Casselberry police.

Another recent salon shooting took place in a Milwaukee suburb. The suspect opened fire in the salon, killing three people. After fleeing the scene, his body was discovered later in the evening. Read the details here.