70-Yr Old Woman Assaulted and Violated Inside a Church

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A Tampa woman experienced something that is simply unthinkable for the rest of us.  Police say that the woman was in church when she was assaulted by an unidentified man.  The woman was at the Living Word Fellowship Church when the incident occurred.

Police say that the man told the victim that he wanted to go inside the church to get a closer look.  Once he was inside, he pushed the woman into a chair, covered her mouth and assaulted her.  Police have not arrested the suspect, but are determined to find him and hold him accountable.

“This is an elderly woman inside a church, so that takes it to the next level,” said Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis.

The community is outraged over what happened to the poor woman.

“It frightens me for the elderly that they can’t walk to the store in their own neighborhood,” said neighbor Pamela Allen-Hoke.

Police are patrolling the neighborhood non-stop since the incident took place and also sent out a reverse 911 call.  They are asking the community to help them to find the man who committed this horrible crime.

“I don’t think that it’s safe at all for anyone to be out on the streets when we have this guy on the loose not captured,” said Allen-Hoke.