Woman Shoots Man in the Face After He Allegedly Raped Her

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A man has pleaded not guilty to trying to rape a woman and kidnap her.  But it appears that he might be trying to press charges of his own after the woman shot him in the face.  Duane Portman of Springfield, Ohio, was arraigned on $50,000 bond after an incident that might serve as a warning to anyone seeking to mess with a seemingly defenseless woman.

According to the records in Municipal County Court, the alleged victim shot Portman in the face on September 2nd of this year. The woman told police that the man held a gun to her head and raped her inside his business.

The woman claims that she was able to fight to get the gun away from the man and shoot him, after which she drove to the Good Samaritan Hospital for help.

The man originally said he couldn’t remember who shot him or where.  After hearing his side of the story, they decided to make an arrest.