Woman Shoots Man in the Face After He Allegedly Raped Her

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A man has pleaded not guilty to trying to rape a woman and kidnap her.  But it appears that he might be trying to press charges of his own after the woman shot him in the face.  Duane Portman of Springfield, Ohio, was arraigned on $50,000 bond after an incident that might serve as a warning to anyone seeking to mess with a seemingly defenseless woman.

According to the records in Municipal County Court, the alleged victim shot Portman in the face on September 2nd of this year. The woman told police that the man held a gun to her head and raped her inside his business.

The woman claims that she was able to fight to get the gun away from the man and shoot him, after which she drove to the Good Samaritan Hospital for help.

The man originally said he couldn’t remember who shot him or where.  After hearing his side of the story, they decided to make an arrest.



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17 Responses to Woman Shoots Man in the Face After He Allegedly Raped Her

  1. Roger Brown

    They really need to make tassels for keeping your gun around your neck when engaging in such activities. See what happens when untrained people get their hands on guns? I mean, how did this woman manage to shoot him in the eye? Everyone knows that you aim for the chest. WOMEN should not be allowed to use guns – PERIOD!

    • jusme

      Stop it Roger Brown lol… I’ll agree that she shouldn’t have shot him in his eye… she should’ve shot him in his p***s.

    • Eugene C Kennedy

      ROGER BROWN apparently you don,t know what your talking about she probably didn,t have time to aim at his chest after she wrestled the gun from him you must be scared of women. how stupid are you

    • MsVirgo

      Your concerns ISN’T that she was raped, but that she shot her RAPIST in the eye …. really?

    • MsVirgo

      Your concern ISN’T that she was raped, but that she shot her RAPIST in the eye …. really?

  2. Desiree

    Out of this entire article Roger Brown you felt it most important to discuss the fact that she shot him in the eye and not in the chest and for that reason women should not be allowed to use guns?! Please explain the logic behind that statement. He held her at gunpoint,rapped her, she fought to get control of the gun and shot at him once, and where that bullet decided to go was more than likely not on her mind at the time. He’s lucky she wasn’t so p****d off and violated that she didn’t empty the clip into him. She should not face any charges because she was protecting herself to the best of her ability.

  3. Eugene C Kennedy

    Desiree thats called justified self defence

  4. Eugene C Kennedy

    plus she took him she being the better person probably feeling sorry for him and drove the dumb a*s to the Hospital

    • moonhead

      Eugene C Kennedy: Please tell me where you read that she took him to the hospital? I believe it says that she drove herself to the hospital. If she would have taken him to the hospital, that wouldn’t have been honorable, that would have been stupid.

      • tc

        She is my best friend, where are you guys hearing all this c**p from. That is not even a mmedia statement, that is a rumor for sure…. she was raped in the worst way it will all come out at trial which has already started. wow, ppl make up the craziest stories.

    • tc

      LOL where in the h**l did you read that lie? She is a good person but she did not take that anima to the hospital she told me the whole story one day on the phnone its a lot deeper than you all realise I was in tears when I heard the th8ings he did and said. It will all come out in court, but wait till you all hear what this animal did to her. =,(

  5. Mr. Roger Brown, you definitely have so misplaced issues, prayerfully you’ll get some help, I hate to think you have come this far in life with such a twisted mind.

  6. Hey the guy is lucky he still alive.Im sure she aimed that gun as best as she could towards him.When she pulled the trigger the gun most likely jerk and moved on her upwards.

  7. rzar

    Uh Roger I believe she was trying to KILL him ..why is he alive? I now she AIMED for his head. GOOD FOR HER!!! Now if we can Just locate all of them! He is a One Eyed rapist should be dead..just sayin..all the years she will have to suffer with ptsd, etc.,

  8. Tunis

    Not understanding why she was arrested. I wish I could be on that jury I wouldn’t convict her. I would help pay her legal fees if I could. It’s a d**n shame the way you can be arrested for protesting your self. She should have aimed for the other head.

    • tc

      no she wasn’t arrested, she would have told me this. I have been with her through out this whole situation I would have heard this from her

  9. therevolutionwillnotbemphathized


    that was funny,but you should have put a pg-13 disclaimer on your comment…dry humor to mature a subject here

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