New Browser Plugin Blocks Any Mention Of Chris Brown On The Internet

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The “Chris Brownout,” Aux developed the online plug-in to essentially erase any traces of Chris Brown from your browser

Chris Brown

It appears that Canadian music channel Aux has a bone to pick with Chris Brown. The company has created a plugin for Google’s Chrome web browsing application that blocks any mention of the artist on the internet. On their website, the company attributes Brown’s latest tattoo — that many speculate is a replica of Rihanna’s battered face — on his neck. “With Chris Brown’s latest obnoxious stunt—getting a tattoo of what appeared to be Rihanna’s Chris-Brown-beaten face on his neck (even though he denies that it’s her)—it’s become clear that he remains impulsive and unapologetic and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, we here at AUX Labs took it upon ourselves to get rid of him,” the company stated on its website. The plugin named, “Chris Brownout,” blocks any references to Brown’s name and places boxes over his images.

Aux isn’t the only group who still despises Brown for the 2009 domestic dispute with Rihanna. It appears that a group of morality vigilantes in the UK haven’t forgiven Brown either. Several copies of Chris Brown’s Fortune album have been labeled with a sticker saying “WARNING – Do not buy this album! This man beats women” in HMV stores in London. “It was very much an isolated incident and nothing to do with HMV or representing our views,” a spokesman for the store told reporters. “It would appear a member of the public popped into one of our stores yesterday and stickered a handful of CDs,” stated the store’s manager.

This week it was reported that Brown met with a group of domestic violence victims as the host of a back-to-school event where the proceeds went to charity. Chris made the appearance on behalf of the Jenesse Center and youth advocacy group, The Change. “It’s in my heart to show my fans, my friends and family and the families at Jenesse who stood by me they were right to give met another chance. I’m working hard to make them proud,” he said.

Do you believe Chris Brown has learned his lesson from the 2009 domestic dispute?