Little Girls Speak Out on Nicki Minaj and Negative Imagery in Hip Hop

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The little girls from the group Watoto from the Nile, who released the extremely popular open letter to Lil Wayne, are back with another video.  This one focuses on the rapper Nicki Minaj and the images that impact little girls all across America.   Nicki Minaj, the talented artist who loves to show body parts to get attention, is often the focus of those who wonder why a woman has to take her clothes off to be respected for her musical capability.

The young ladies are lending their voices to a serious concern that affects millions of youth across America, as we seek to grapple with allowing for creative expression while expecting artists to be conscientious about their music.  Many artists say that this responsibility lies on the parents, but the problem (as the little girls mention) is that many children listen to the music when their parents aren’t around.

Would you want your daughter to grow up to be like Nicki Minaj?  Would you want your son to live the gangster lifestyle of Lil Wayne (who is a member of the Bloods)?  These are the issues that these young women are addressing as the black community works to find solutions.   Maybe the girls have a point.

You can watch the video by clicking here.