Ladies: A Clutch Bag That Charges Your Phone

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Everpurse, a small clutch that has a pocket with a charger sewn into its lining.


As women, we all fear the day when our phone loses its power right as we’re in need of calling someone to help us change a flat tire so that we aren’t stranded on the road or to give us directions to their home so that we aren’t pulling over and showing our vulnerability to potentially dangerous people. Twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur, Liz Salcedo, has created the solution to suppress our fears: A purse that charges your cellphone. Everpurse is a small clutch that has a charger sewn into its lining.

The purse gets its own battery life from being laid on a charging mat. Once on the mat, the purse needs around six hours to fully charge, but it can then provide phones with two rounds of 12-hour charges. The clutch comes in leather, for a $159 Kickstarter donation, or in fabric for $129. (Salcedo said she’s also thinking about developing more a masculine version, but that so far, the black version of the clutch has been androgynous enough to appeal to a surprising number of men. Everpurse will be compatible with an iPhone4 and the soon-to-be-available iPhone 5, but Salcedo said she’s also working on one that will accommodate Androids.

Everpurse is currently gaining momentum on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. With 29 days left, the Everpurse project is well on its way to becoming fully funded: Backers already have pledged more than $70,000 of the $100,000 goal that’s necessary for the money to be passed along to the founders. “We do have relationships with a number of manufacturers so that … depending on how high Kickstarter goes, we have [them] ready to go at low levels and at high levels,” she said. Should Everpurse meet its funding goals, deliveries are slated for March 2013. –Source