Jennifer Hudson Does a Surprise Dream Girls Performance in New York City

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Jennifer Hudson has been a beloved figure in American entertainment for years, and her defining moment was when she sang “And I’m Telling You” during the film “Dream Girls.”  In spite of not having many hit songs since that time, Hudson has remained on top with a few celebrity endorsements, movie roles and other activities designed to help her pay the bills in high fashion.

This week, Hudson showed up as a surprise guest for the 125th celebration of the Hearst Corporation, which made its fortune in the newspaper business.  Gayle King, Ralph and Ricky Lauren and Mayor Mike Bloomberg all showed up for the event, and got a special surprise when Hudson walked onto the stage.

Of course, Hudson sang the hit song “And I’m Telling You” during the performance, to the delight of the crowd.  Hudson sings with a great degree of passion in her voice, and a hunger that likely reflects the pain of all the tragedy that she has endured since losing much of her family to a violent crime three years ago.  She, like  many other people of color, has been impacted by the violence in Chicago, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit.