Doll Collection Seeks to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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If you are a little girl of color, you are “positively perfect,” at least according to Lisa Williams, PhD, CEO of the “Positively Perfect Diva Collection,” which is going to be sold in the stores and online just in time for Christmas.

“Having already created an infant and toddler line of multicultural dolls, the concept for this new line started with my desire to target girls in a slightly older age group,” said Williams. “I wanted young ladies to know that they are Dignified, Intelligent, Vivacious and Attractive – and the Diva Collection materialized.”

Dr. Williams says that divas radiate confidence and beauty when they walk into the room.  Abrielle, one of the dolls, is a dancer.  Another, Zair, is an artist.  All the little girls in the collection are straight-A students, giving amazing role models to young women who get the chance to own the dolls.

Dr. Williams, who is both a mother and professor, says that her goal is to inspire young people with her work.

“Having our dolls on store shelves and available through many online retailers is the direct result of generations of parents, grandparents, and friends wanting to provide positive play for children,” she says.

The dolls feature positive affirmations, like “I am proud,” “I am smart,” or “I am beautiful.”   They also feature various forms of cosmetic diversity and different hair styles.

“Positively Perfect Dolls show all little girls they are beautiful,” Williams says. “I do not want to see another little African American girl fail to chose the doll that most closely resembles her precious face because the child does not view the doll as being equal to or more beautiful than the white doll.”

You can buy one of Dr. Williams’ dolls on the websites of major retail stores such as Walmart, Toys R Us, HSN and Target.