Community Baffled by Murder of Chicago Beauty Salon Owner

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45-year-old Yolanda Holmes was shot and killed Sunday morning in her building in uptown Chicago. The beauty shop owner, who was struck by a bullet sometime after 5 a.m., is being mourned by her family and friends. The police have yet to charge anyone for her murder. Holmes ran a salon Uptown called Nappy Headz Salon and was well known in the area.

Her loved ones are distraught and heartbroken in the wake of her death. Holmes was active in her community, using her salon as a place for young students to host back-to-school parties and other community events. On Saturday night, Holmes had hosted a birthday party for two of her co-workers, Anderson and Rey.

Holmes loved to exercise and eat healthy as well as travel. She had travelled so much that she had filled her passport two or three times. Yolanda’s younger sister, Yunae Holmes, cried as she informed family members of her sister’s death Sunday morning. The police had gone to Yunae’s home earlier to tell her that her sister had been killed. Dassin Wallace, who lives in the same building as Holmes, claims that she heard gunfire. Later in the day Wallace discovered blood in the stairwell, blood that most likely belonged to Holmes. Colleagues and friends are praying and seeking closure in her murder case.