Chris Brown and Rihanna Kiss and Hug at the MTV Video Music Awards

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Just when you think that people have come to their senses, something like this happens.  Chris Brown and Rihanna, the couple that made international headlines with their boxing match two years ago, were seen kissing and hugging at the MTV Video Music Awards.  The kiss was just a peck, but has some domestic violence awareness advocates heated over the bad example that Rihanna might be setting for young women.

Chris Brown and Rihanna both were big winners at the VMAs:  Chris won Best Male Video and Rihanna won Video of the Year.  So, both of the performers are at the top of their games.  Chris Brown’s comeback has been most impressive, since it appeared that his career was coming to an end after the incident three years ago.

The hugging/kissing event wasn’t captured on the main cameras for the show, but was instead seen on the MTV “All Access Live” cameras, which show the interesting things that celebrities are doing when no one else is looking.  The cameras cut away from Rihanna right after she received her award for her video, “We Found Love,” and it shows her seeing Brown in the audience.  That led the singer to stop and give him a hug and kiss, reaffirming her love for the controversial superstar.

The beating took place during the 2009 Grammy Awards, right before the show.  As a result, neither Brown nor Rihanna showed up for the awards.

Just last month, Rihanna spoke with Oprah Winfrey, stating that Chris is the “love of my life,” and that she is working with him to rebuild their friendship.   She also says that the two are “very close,” but said that they aren’t dating again.

“He’s in a relationship of his own. I’m single but we have maintained a very close friendship,” she said. “We’ve just worked on it little-by-little. And it’s not easy.”