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Can Too Much Happiness Be Bad for Your Health?

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Who says you can never be too happy? Sure happy people are approachable and friendly and positive emotions are good for you, but for some being “too happy” is a reality. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder have periods of time where they experience too much bliss. These highs can be as negative as their lows.

Mania is characterized as a a period of time in which someone experiences an extremely positive mood. While manic, people feel more confident, get little sleep and have increased energy levels. As cool as that sounds, people who suffer from bipolar disorder become dangerously impulsive, and struggle with their relationships.  June Gruber, a psychologist at Yale University, says, “the fact that positive emotion has gone awry is something unique about bipolar disorder, as almost all other emotional disorders are characterized by difficulties in negative emotions.”

People who suffer from bipolar disorder struggle with positive emotions when they aren’t manic as well. One of the issues that they face is feeling positive emotions at inappropriate times. Gruber went on to say, “in our work, those with bipolar disorder continue to report greater positive emotions whether it’s a positive film, very sad film clip of a child crying over his father’s death, and even disgusting films involving someone digging through feces.” With medication and treatment it is possible to put bipolar disorder in remission, but it takes work.

Too much happiness? Doesn’t sound like it. People who suffer from bipolar disorder have a hard time balancing their positive emotions, making too much of a good thing a potentially dangerous one.

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  1. Dark Chocolate

    September 4, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    That is not happiness. That is bi-polar. Don’t mix the two.

  2. Derrick

    September 5, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    These crackers are CRAZY! You can’t smile, have sex, eat food, drink coffee, love one another, because if you do; it’s bad for you, according to caucasoids!

    But, they have commercials showing sex, dick hardeners, and the like; to MAKE YOU “HAPPY”!!!

    One day, you have an article that says, sex, coffee, organic food, and LOVE is good for ya, now, all of these ingredients are bad for you.

    These crackers are fvcking up a lot of negroid’s and caucasoid’s minds with their bullshyt. Enjoying yourself, and living your life to the FULLEST is GOOD HEALTH!

    Y’all can’t let these serpents tell you how to live your life, because they are some MISERABLE SON-OF-A-BYTCHES, and they don’t want to see US Black folks happy!


    Remember, a ‘niggard’ is a MISERABLE caucasoid individual, but these demon/devils got y’all negroids; THINKING, you’re ‘niggers’!!!!


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