Senior Staffer with Atlanta Mayor’s Office Arrested for DUI

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The mayor’s office in Atlanta is dealing with a controversy recently, where a high level staffer was just arrested under suspicion of drinking and driving. Stacii J. Johnson, who is the entertainment and special events coordinator for the Atlanta Mayor’s Office, was forced to resign after the incident took place.

According to police, Johnson was arrested on Thursday night and charged with DUI, reckless driving, speeding and failure to maintain her lane.  She was seen by the officer to be driving a white Porsche at 82 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.  According to authorities, she also refused to submit to a sobriety test on the scene.

The officer says that once he smelled alcohol on the woman, he was suspicious that she’d been drinking. Johnson is also accused of trying to influence the officer by handing her a business card showing that she was with the mayor’s office when she was asked to simply hand over her license. Johnson, according to police, refused to get out of the car after being asked several times.

“I asked the driver for her driver’s license, and she handed both her license and a business card. Her business card identified her as special events director for the city of Atlanta,” the officer said.

Johnson also embarrassed the mayor’s office with another incident in recent months.  Back in May, she is said to have produced and starred in a video with the title, “I Want to Strip for my Man.”