Kids Know Best? Website Allows Kids To Find Love For Parents

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Photography by NHOPHOTOS; Chicago, IL

Usually parents are the source of approval (and criticism) for their children’s choice in a significant other, but not anymore! A new website in Britain has placed children in control of finding a mate for  their single parents. The website, myLovelyParent, is a new online dating website for people 50 and older. The website was developed by two brothers who are seeking “handsome chaps” for their “very lovely single mum in her 60s” for friendship or companionship.

The brothers took to their blog to further explain the purpose of the website: “…we’re trying to open up the world of online dating to our parents’ generation. They’re a generation who, on the whole, are less digitally proficient, less accepting of social networking (in its most literal sense) and who are incredibly discrete when it comes to matters of the heart. …There are plenty of people out there who don’t want to be alone. And we believe, through digital, we can bring them together.”

Here’s how the website works: Sons and daughters sign up their single parents and create an online profile for them. They can then search the site for people who they think would be perfect for their parent and “recommend” standout profiles to their parents, in which automatic emails with their kid’s suggestions are sent to the parents. Finally, the parent can choose to engage in interaction with the recommended profiles selected by their children. The website is slated to launch in September.

Do your children play an active role in your dating life?


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