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Gabby Douglas On “Tonight”: ‘I’m Human, So It Happens’

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Michelle Obama and Gabby Douglas on Jay Leno’s “Tonight”

A glowing Gabby Douglas joined First Lady Michelle Obama on Jay Leno’s “Tonight” to discuss her tribulations that she faced on her path to creating history. During a discussion of her transition from Virginia to Iowa, Douglas said she became homesick and wanted to quit pursuing her dream as a gymnast when her family boarded the plane to leave Iowa and fly back to Virginia during the Christmas holiday. “You know, I’m a girl. I’m human, so it happens,” she told Leno.

She also described the learning process for mastering the balance beam to the First Lady. Shortly after, Leno presented a photograph of a ‘young gymnast’- a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama balancing on her head as a child- to Gabby.  When Leno asked Gabby how she’d rate First Lady Michelle Obama’s form- which was noticeably terrible- Gabby was generous enough to give the First Lady a perfect score of 10. The First Lady thanked Douglas for her generosity saying, “I wish you were around when I was that young. Thank you. That’s very kind of you.” When asked if she will compete in the next Olympic competition in 2016, Douglas, without hesitation, exclaimed “Yes!”