Gabby Douglas Reveals Her Father ‘Was Never Really There’

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Gabby Douglas Reveals Father Wasn’t Involved In Her Life

In a shocking interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas revealed her father, Timothy Douglas, “was never really there“. Mr. Douglas is a staff sergeant in the Air National Guard who was twice married to Gabby’s mother, Natalie Hawkins, but the two are now perusing a divorce. Mr. Douglas unexpectedly arrived at Gabby’s Olympics trials in San Jose, California, holding an American flag and cheering his daughter on. She hadn’t seen him for two years until that day. He then reappeared (unexpectedly) in London waving an American flag with the words “Go Gabby. Love, Dad” written on it.

Gabby revealed that when her father made those two unexpected appearances she thought “We know what you’re trying to pull. It’s too late to hop on the bus.” Many believe Tim Douglas was attempting to reshape his image of being a deadbeat dad. MailOnline revealed that he was arrested on March 8 for contributing to the delinquency of a child. Natalie Hawkins appeared in court two days before purchasing her ticket to London regarding Tim Douglas’ failure to pay child support. The judge increased his child support payments to $500.

The family’s home is currently facing foreclosure due to unpaid utility bills.