Evelyn Lozada Releases a Statement to All Women about Domestic Violence

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Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives fame has just released a statement about the recent domestic violence incident that took place between she and her new husband, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Lozada has taken the helm of leadership for women facing domestic violence and has encouraged them to “break their silence.”

Chad and Evelyn were married just a month ago, but he allegedly head-butted her during a confrontation over the weekend.  The incident has spurred intense debate, as Evelyn has made a reputation for her violence and aggression against other women.

Since the incident took place, Chad Johnson has been cut from the Miami Dolphins.  Similarly, their new series, “Eve and Ocho” has been shelved by VH1.
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Evelyn broke her silence by saying that Chad “needs help.”   She also says that she is “deeply disappointed” that he has not taken responsibility for his actions.   While she says that Johnson head-butted her, he says that she actually head-butted him.  Johnson was arrested after police found Lozada with a gash on her forehead.