Beyonce’s Daddy’s Record Label is Reportedly Falling Apart

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Mathew Knowles is having some serious trouble with his Music World record label, according to several sources, including EURWeb and the AlwaysAList blog.   After having his music banned from Radio One just a few months ago, some are saying that Mathew is having trouble replicating the success that he saw with his daughter, Beyonce.

Knowles signed artists such as Micah Stampley and Trin-i-tee 5:7, but many of the artists are leaving the label for greener pastures.  In fact, some are saying that nearly everyone is gone.

LiAndria Johnson recently tweeted a message to her fans that the label had not been treating its “#1 artist” with “respect.”

There are even reports that artists Chanelle Hayes and Angel Taylor were not able to get into the BET Awards because “Mathew used their tickets at the last minute without telling them.”

Johnson is a big loss for Knowles, since she was the winner of BET’s competition, “Sunday Best.”   She was given the contract as part of her award for winning on the show.