San Diego Reader Magazine Headline: “No One Likes Black Girls”

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A cover by the San Diego Reader Magazine got the attention of one of our readers who sent us a note in outrage.  On the cover, there is a statement about how everyone seems to be attracted to black men, but no one is attracted to black women.  The headline reads as follows:

“The white girls like black guys, and Mexican girls like black guys, and the Filipino girls like the black guys.  And the black guys like them too.  But no one likes black girls.” 

We are not sure what to think about this cover.  On one hand, it seems that they might be concerned that African American women don’t get the same appreciation as black men.  Black women are as beautiful as any group of women on the planet.  On the other hand, the title may be fulfilling a nasty stereotype that further erodes the collective self-esteem of African American women.

What do you think?