Parenting 101 From First Lady Michelle Obama

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First Lady Michelle Obama Discusses Parenting

The gleaming First Lady sat down with the writers of Parenting magazine for the August 2012 issue to discuss how she and President Barack Obama raise their beautiful daughters Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14. Here’s what she said regarding health and cooking: “I think it’s the simple things that hold true regardless of income or location: eliminating sugary drinks, cooking a little bit more. It’s hard to do. I struggled with it as a working mom myself. But thinking about it once or twice a week even, sitting around a table, getting to know our kids more, is a good thing.”  The First Lady makes a great point, as parents have become disconnected from their children because they don’t make time to sit at a table and exchange dialogue with their children.

Michelle gave a very interesting perspective on the importance of placing children in organized sports and the life-lessons they learn from it. What’s even more interesting is she and President Barack Obama place the same emphasis on sports as they do their children’s academics. “We set the expectation that sports are as important as homework and friends. It’s important to learn how to compete, to develop a skill,” she said. “I want them to learn how to sweat, how to win gracefully and lose with dignity. I want them to learn what it feels like to get better at something that you didn’t think you were good at.”

Lastly, the First Lady shared the importance of she and President Barack Obama’s support for the girls. Despite their busy schedules, they always make sure they’re in attendance for important functions. “We go to all the important school functions,” she said. “At least one of us is there. It’s important to get to know their friends and teachers and to understand what they’re going through on a daily basis.” If one of the busiest couples in the world can make time for their two children, there is no excuse as to why we can’t make time for our children; to check homework, to cook dinner, and to attend extra-curricular activities. Children grow up fast! Don’t allow a career to be the reason why you miss out on some of your child’s most memorable moments. I can assure you they’d much rather have you in attendance cheering them on than to be wearing $600 worth of clothes on their special day and not have you there to share their special moment.


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