Michelle Obama Cheers on Serena, Who Dominates a Strong Opponent in the Olympics

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We all love Serena and Michelle, and they love each other.  In the latest example of black female public support and appreciation, First Lady Michelle Obama showed up to support tennis star Serena Williams in her quest for Olympic gold.  Serena didn’t disappoint, dominating her opponent who had the serious misfortune of running into a superstar who is also fresh off a Wimbledon title.

Serena gave the first lady a treat, with a dominating 6-3, 6-1 victory over former No. 1 Jelena Jankovic of Serbia. After the match, the two women met up with one another and exchanged greetings.

“Before, I would have been too nervous,” Williams said. “We talked about how I loved her dress. She’s always looking good.”

Serena, in spite of all of achievements, has not yet won an Olympic singles medal.  The grass on the court made for a slippery experience for Williams, who relies on strength, speed and skill to win her matches.

“The grass is a wee bit slippery, but you’ve just got to deal with it,” Williams said. “Get ready to slip and slide, whatever it takes. The area at the net didn’t wear out so much. Maybe a lot of the players will start coming to the net.”

Serena was also happy to be playing in the new Olympic venue, which isn’t the same British venue where Wimbledon is held.

“Wimbledon is so quiet. You know, you don’t hear much talking,” Williams said. “But here you do hear talking. This atmosphere I didn’t expect. It’s bananas, and I love it.”


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