Maria Lloyd: Ladies, Looks Aren’t Enough to Keep a Job

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Photography by NHOPHOTOS; Chicago, IL

by Maria Lloyd

It seems there has been a surge in adulterous scandals resulting in large pay-offs to mistresses since the economy has tanked. Apparently, using your looks or vagina for financial security is the new “thing” to do. Sleeping with a married, successful man in hopes of soliciting the affair for a large amount of cash may sound intriguing- in theory. The reality is, your looks will only take you so far.

Now, if your goal is to be solely dependent upon another person for your financial well-being, disregard everything I’ve said. Your only hope is to marry rich and/or to become a mistress and hope for a large payout when you rat on the guy. If you wish to acquire wealth at  your own expense, continue reading. I had a conversation with a top-level executive regarding ways women can accelerate their careers without having to use their looks and lose their dignity in the process.


Below are his recommendations for women who wish to excel in a sexist workplace without having to rely on their looks and/or their body:

1. Dress like a man.

I must admit, I initially frowned when he gave me this recommendation. My thinking was that he literally wants women to dress like a man, but I was wrong. He recommended wearing pants that are loose fitting around the hips, a collared shirt that is buttoned as to not show any cleavage, a blazer that has a loose fit but doesn’t appear to be too big, and closed-toe shoes. He said women who dress sexy for work are nothing more than a distraction and rarely ever accelerate their careers.

2. Cut the small talk.

He recommends having a sense of humor, but not allowing colleagues at work to become too comfortable with you. He mentioned seeing a plethora of women fall victim to the “she’s cool” conversation between males in the workplace- which often led to speculation and a bad rapport. He recommended keeping conversations about your personal life out of the workplace. Lastly, he said do not trust female coworkers, as she may be gossiping with a male coworker about your personal matters.

3. Always make your manager ‘look good’.

He recommended the quickest way to accelerate your career is to make sure your manager keeps a great rapport within the company. When your manager is known for being one of the best to do his/her job, you ultimately will be acknowledged for helping him/her acquire that rapport. He said to quickly learn your manager’s weaknesses and strengths so that you can help him/her excel in areas where he/she fails.


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