3 Ways to Maintain Your Hair During Exercise

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Photography by NHophotos; Chicago, IL

One of the main concerns I hear from African American women who want to exercise is hair damage. While some may argue beauty should never supersede health, I completely understand the plight because I was once concerned about my hair as well. After doing some research and talking to hair stylists, peers, and relatives, I compiled a list of the top three ways to maintain your hair during exercise. NOTE: During my research, I noticed women who do not have relaxers have the least concern about their hair becoming damaged from perspiration acquired during exercise. Women who have have dreadlocks, braids, or a curly afro had the least maintenance to do pre- and post exercise. Women who have relaxers and/or weaves have more steps to do pre-exercise and post exercise.

1. Moisturize your hair.

Sweat is composed of salts that dry your hair and cause breakage. Apply a quarter-sized amount of moisturizer to moisturize your hair (particularly your ends) before exercise.

2. Wrap your hair up in a fashionable, silk scarf.

There are a plethora of chic scarves you can use to wrap your hair. A silk scarf will keep your hair intact and alleviate any threat of drying your hair. You can find fashionable scarves and unique ways to wear them by clicking here.

3. Avoid heat and foam rollers.

If you’re attempting to maintain curls, it may be time consuming and/or inconveniencing, but you should pin your curls to your scalp using bobby pins or use plastic hair rollers as opposed to foam hair rollers. Unless you’re styling a weave, applying heat to your hair after every workout session will cause breakage. Foam rollers will dry your ends.

What tips do you have to maintain hair during exercise? Drop them in the comments below so that I can continue update this post. Thanks!