Dr. Boyce: The Worst Celebrity Parents Ever, The Dream and Christina – What We Can Learn

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, NaturallyMoi.com

The nasty divorce between The Dream and Christina Milian is about as ugly as a relationship can get.  Christina goes onto the radio to say that her child’s father is absent and openly auditions for a new father to her child.  That leads to The Dream going onto Twitter and bashing his child’s mother as a “has-been” and a gold digger.

When you look at situations like this one, you are reminded of just how ugly some of our relationships can get when we have two massive egos colliding like Supernovas in the Milk Way.   All the while, the person who suffers the most is the poor child who has the misfortune of being caught in the crossfire of two adults with relentless egos.  It’s just sad.

Not that I am big on celebrity relationships, but I watch them because other people are watching them.  I then think about what these relationships say about our own situations and how we can do a better job of raising our kids.  The dating scene is like a big thunderstorm and although you have to leave the house, you might want to make sure you’re wearing an umbrella.  This kind of messy drama can catch any of us.

The video is below:


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