Destiny’s Child Planning a Reunion Tour?

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After the Spice Girls reunion in London, other Girl bands are looking to come back together. Longtime fans of the iconics girl group Destiny’s Child would agree that the group is long overdue for a comeback tour. The three stunning pop stars were seen together at the BET Awards.

When asked about a reunion Michelle said, “ “Hopefully, we’ll see…I don’t rule it out as just never! It’ll be eight years [since the group parted ways]!” A lot has changed in nearly a decade for these three women. Kelly and Michelle are working on new albums and Beyonce has her hands full with getting back on stage and taking care of her adorable daughter, Blue Ivy. A reunion tour might be the best next step for everyone — especially their adoring fans.

Destiny’s Child sold over 40 million records after coming out in the late 1990s.  They’ve been considered one of the most successful musical trios of all-time.  Since that time, Beyonce has moved on to a solo career and experienced success that rivals the group itself.  So, if anyone is going to walk away from the reunion, it might Beyonce herself.  Also, with Matthew Knowles out of the picture, it’s hard to know if that would be good or bad for the group.

Let’s just hope that now that the ladies are older and wiser, we won’t have as much drama as the last time.