Blast from the Past: Halle Berry Gets “Worst Actress” Award; Thanks Warner Brothers for Putting her in a “Piece of Sh*t” Movie

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You all remember Halle Berry breaking down like a little girl when she won the Best Actress award at the Oscars.  Well, Halle also showed that she has a sense of humor by appearing at the Razzies after being nominated for Worst Actress for her appearance in Cat Woman back in 2005.  We saw the film and thought it was pretty good, but apparently people can be up and down in their opinions of Hollywood starlets.  Also, she didn’t do a disgusting sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton, so that may have kept them from being able to see all of Halle’s “talents.”

Another thing we don’t quite understand is how someone can be the best actress in the world one year, and then selected as the worst actress just three years later.  Maybe that shows just how stupid these Hollywood critics actually are.

Some are saying that Halle actually did a pretty good job as Cat Woman, and that she was even better than the woman selected to play the role in the most recent Batman Film.  But there are surely some loyalists who don’t think a black woman should have that role.

In her Razzie speech, Halle thanks Warner Brothers for putting her in a “piece of sh*t, God aweful movie.”  We wonder how that worked out for her when it came to getting more opportunities from the company.  Check out Halle’s speech, it’s actually pretty funny.



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