Beyonce Campaigns Extra Hard for Michelle and Barack Obama

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“If Beyonce loves them, then so do I.”  This is the slogan that the Obamas are relying on, as they use the star power of Beyonce and others to get support from the African American community.

Obama is receiving support from Beyoncé , who recently appeared in a campaign ad for the president. Beyoncé  is featured along side with other black celebrities who have pooled together their support in an effort to get the president reelected.

The video features Beyonce praising the first lady, Michelle Obama, who Beyoncé  believes is a role model to all women. Beyoncé  posted a note that she had written about the first lady on her new website Beyonce.com. The singer wrote that, “Michelle is the ultimate example of a truly strong african american woman… Michelle thank you for every single things that u do for us – I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.”

In the campaign ad, Beyonce says that Michelle Obama encourages her to support the veterans and live a healthy lifestyle. Being an amazing black leader while remaining humble leaves the “Girls Run the World”  singer in awe of the first lady and her impact on the world.

Beyoncé’s ad does not follow in the line of negative ads that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been throwing around recently. The Romney campaign just tried to use the images of several television personalities to boost support for his campaign. Unfortunately that backfired when the campaign used celebrity images and clips from shows without their permission, aggravating the figures themselves.

Beyoncé’s ad is a tasteful and short video that supports the strongest part of the Obama campaign – first lady Michelle Obama. Although people will take the time to question the president and his various roles, the public has shown great support of Michelle. Her strength as a mother and as a humanitarian has not only inspired Beyoncé , but as the singer says, the first lady inspires the world.

This support from Beyoncé  comes at a great time. As the Romney campaign deals with the heat of their celebrity campaign and their use of negative ads, the Obama campaign picks up momentum using such widely-beloved celebrities like Beyoncé .  The Beyonce message also times precisely with the release of a new film, “The Obama Effect,” which stars Charles Dutton and Katt Williams.  The use of celebrities and emotional imagery works well for the Obamas, especially on the African American community.  Some critics, however, have claimed that the focus on flash over substance has led to millions of African Americans ignoring policy and focusing on how much they like the president.

No matter how you feel about it, the strategy appears to be working.  Obama is in a tight race and Romney is going to outspend him, but there are many indicators that he has a strong chance to be a two-term president.


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  1. WizardG

    July 16, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    Beyonce will help the ‘Anglo-elite’ influence the weaker minds.
    While Beyonce is big in the entertainment business, I suspect she knows very little about this social structure as it pertains to politics, truth, deception, lies, corruption, secrets, and misrepresentation. She knows very little about the reality of the Obama’s position in our fake political/government structure. She doesn’t understand the “roleplay to destruction”, the frontman for the uber-wealthy represents. That said. She will easily convince those whose minds are of lesser knowledge and fortitude than hers, and those who are easily manipulated by the rich and famous fashionista types. The bottom line is this. No matter who is posing as a “president”, the working and poor in this country will continue to suffer, as the “elite” continue to screw us, while robbing us blind! And they will continue to do it in such a way that leaves the majority of the population confounded, without a clue as to what this really is, being touted off as a “righteous” democractic society! It’s totally insane to even contemplate voting wealthy people into a position to serve the multitude of working and poor, yet this is what everyone tends to get excited about doing, every time. It’s very sad that people can’t see what is wrong with this, nor can they understand that we should all be just saying ‘NO’! Futhermore. If Beyonce does know how this game is being played and she’s decided to help the elite boost everyone, then she will earn her place in history as another wealthy flunky for the Anglo-elite ‘world slaveowners’!

    • Francis Ushie

      July 17, 2012 at 4:01 am

      Dear Wizard G.,
      Everyman is a political animal in our respective habitat.
      You too, may be much educated with POLITICS, but not with ECONOMY, as it glaring that you didn’t know the deficits and debts the Obama administration inherited from the previous government.
      BEYOUNCE, is right, in identifying with the first families, as this moment in the affairs of the earth there’s rarely a family without crisis, but the Obamas remain a role model for all families–Beyounce, has singularly identified that.
      I always supported Beyounce, because of the originality of artistic works, one of which i wrote long ago about her many colors for a french magazine..that actually represented the many colors, diversity and the beauty of creation.
      Presdent Barack Obama has done well, presiding over the affairs of this nation: in defense, he has defended the people, his prayers have provoked supernatural protection of the American people from God; He has extended health care to those that were in bondage; students can now have loans to augment their parents’ effort for education; massive monies spent to keep forces abroad have been drastically reduced; he has liberated many African countries fro tyranny and oppression, and ultimately, the search for Osama Bin Ladin has come to an end.
      The only problem, being the economy and joblessness, of which we can help the president to recreate jobs at home; he can do this by repealling certain laws within certain states that allow too much taxes thereby making production costly and unprofitable, bringing about overseas plantations and joblessness at home.
      The president may also not NECESSARILY over tax the rich, if new entrepreuers are encoraged and new industries are established with low tax formation, in view of the fact that the whole world resources are so depressed and drained, so much that Europe for instance, is experiencing financial woes,
      which resultant effect is America’s in ability to export and sell her products in Europe..the case of China is well versed to ala Americans, that we have lost any profitable trade with that country.

  2. WizardG

    July 16, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    Secondly. Obama was chosen by the ‘Anglo-elite’ and easily foisted upon the people as if we had found him and picked him to run ourselves! We knew nothing about him until the elite’s massive corrupt media started covering him. (There are many people we should know about but don’t, because the elite’s media conglomerate will not allow us to know them). If these elite did not want us to know Obama they would simply do what they usually do, and that’s to keep his name and likeness completely off the radar. The tea party is well known because it is part of the strategy the elite used to buffer the republican party’s position to the public. The elite are always scheming and conspiring! If the elite did not wish to promote the Tea Party the country would never have heard of them! This is the reality of our lives in this “our” country. What we don’t know does hurt us, and what the elite-owned mass media wants us to know hurts us even more! It is absolutely perplexing to see just how easily the public is lolled (conned) into believing just about everything the ‘elite’ and their propaganda machines ply us with! Why can’t more people see what should now be quite obvious?

  3. John Dixon

    July 17, 2012 at 10:34 am

    interesting. What does beyonce had too loose? i mean really? Shes a winner all a way around upper class african american who is pro-black.

    Many would do the same exact thing if they were in her shoes had had the same life experiences.

    What beyonce is doing is common in ordinary white folk’s lives bascically do what ever the hell you want to do as long as its legal.

    Who the hell does beyonce have to impress? I mean really she a half a billionaire young and beautiful who is married to another winning African American half a billionaire.

    forget abou it!

  4. Blackwomanproud

    July 17, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Wizard g is no wizard but a single minded, setback individual with no hope for advancement or input for the future of society. Wizard g , you are the only person calling yourself smart.

  5. Jace

    July 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Beyonce, thank you. I am eternally grateful to you for reinforcing my decision NOT to vote for this president in the next election. Your opinion on politics or any other subject is about as meaningful and persuasive to me as the declaration that you and your formerly “thuggish” husband who plied his community with drugs and violence and is now considered by those in the black community (who must be missing a few “brain components”)as a musical prodigy worthy of the respect and accolades bestowed on Coltrane, King, Basie and other icons of black music. And, the operative word is WORTHLESS!!!

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