Beyonce Campaigns Extra Hard for Michelle and Barack Obama

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“If Beyonce loves them, then so do I.”  This is the slogan that the Obamas are relying on, as they use the star power of Beyonce and others to get support from the African American community.

Obama is receiving support from Beyoncé , who recently appeared in a campaign ad for the president. Beyoncé  is featured along side with other black celebrities who have pooled together their support in an effort to get the president reelected.

The video features Beyonce praising the first lady, Michelle Obama, who Beyoncé  believes is a role model to all women. Beyoncé  posted a note that she had written about the first lady on her new website Beyonce.com. The singer wrote that, “Michelle is the ultimate example of a truly strong african american woman… Michelle thank you for every single things that u do for us – I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.”

In the campaign ad, Beyonce says that Michelle Obama encourages her to support the veterans and live a healthy lifestyle. Being an amazing black leader while remaining humble leaves the “Girls Run the World”  singer in awe of the first lady and her impact on the world.

Beyoncé’s ad does not follow in the line of negative ads that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been throwing around recently. The Romney campaign just tried to use the images of several television personalities to boost support for his campaign. Unfortunately that backfired when the campaign used celebrity images and clips from shows without their permission, aggravating the figures themselves.

Beyoncé’s ad is a tasteful and short video that supports the strongest part of the Obama campaign – first lady Michelle Obama. Although people will take the time to question the president and his various roles, the public has shown great support of Michelle. Her strength as a mother and as a humanitarian has not only inspired Beyoncé , but as the singer says, the first lady inspires the world.

This support from Beyoncé  comes at a great time. As the Romney campaign deals with the heat of their celebrity campaign and their use of negative ads, the Obama campaign picks up momentum using such widely-beloved celebrities like Beyoncé .  The Beyonce message also times precisely with the release of a new film, “The Obama Effect,” which stars Charles Dutton and Katt Williams.  The use of celebrities and emotional imagery works well for the Obamas, especially on the African American community.  Some critics, however, have claimed that the focus on flash over substance has led to millions of African Americans ignoring policy and focusing on how much they like the president.

No matter how you feel about it, the strategy appears to be working.  Obama is in a tight race and Romney is going to outspend him, but there are many indicators that he has a strong chance to be a two-term president.


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