Ask a Black Man: 5 Questions to Ask Your Man to See if He’s Got Potential

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Too many women have a problem picking a man that is good for them for the long haul.  The worst thing you can do is have sex with a man who isn’t good for you, because you then end up falling in love with an idiot.   But instead of telling you what to do with your sex life, I’ll just give you a list of questions you can ask to find out if a man is a halfway decent catch.

These five questions are easy to ask, non-invasive and can help you figure out where this dude is going with his life.

1) Do you have a five year plan?  If the answer is “no,” then dump him.  A man without a plan is a man who is planning his own demise.  He should be able to tell you where he’s trying to be in five years, and you should be cautious if his plan ends on an NBA team or at a record label.

2) What occupies your day-to-day life right now?  Having a plan or a dream is one thing, but if he’s not working every day to achieve his dream, he will probably never achieve it.  Look at what he does with his time every day, and that will tell you what kind of life he’s building for himself and for you.

3) How did you get into the profession that you’re in right now?  Seeing his professional timeline is important, because you can then see his patterns.  If he has been in school for a long time, he probably values education.   You can figure a person out by understanding where they came from and how they got to you.

4) Do you see yourself as a saver and investor or as a big spender?  If a man says that he doesn’t save like he should or gives you an indication that he lives paycheck-to-paycheck, that is bad news for your financial security.  Also, watch how he handles money when the two of you go out.  If he spends like a rapper, then he might not be a good pick.

5) What are the most important things that you think a person should teach a child?  This may be the man who one day serves as the greatest male influence in the life of your kids.  You probably want to hear that he would teach his kids good values, like education, hard work, and decency.  If he can’t quite answer the question, then give him time to come up with an answer.  Also, realize that if you sleep with him, you take a chance on raising a child with him.