7-Yr Old Rapper: “I Can Make Your Booty Pop”

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This video is beyond disturbing.  Albert Roundtree Jr. is apparently getting some interesting “mentorship” from the adults in his circle, after making a song called “Booty Pop” that features the little boy surrounded by women in bikinis.  He raps about sex, and how he can “rock the world” of the women, as they sit in a daze, shaking their money makers to a beat that is a good fit for a nursery rhyme.

Albert’s parents claim that the video is nothing but satire, and that people are taking it too seriously.  But fans on Youtube are not giving the video a thumbs up.  The video has gotten over 14,000 “dislikes” on Youtube, compared to just 2,000 “likes.”   Tyler Council, the man responsible for putting the video up, says that the video was made in response to“all that waka-flaka foolishness on the radio.” He seems to feel that people are missing the point what the video is trying to say.

Here is a sample of some of Albert’s lyrics:


I’m the baddest boy in town, you the hottest girl around.
We can have some fun tonight, cause we both feelin’ right.
You can be my supergirl, I’m the one to rock your world.
We’ll have a cool date, partyin’ at my place.